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Basic Nature Foldable taitettava makuualusta

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Not in stock, estimated delivery time 14 days


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5 section folding PE foam insulated mat. Small pack size and useable anywhere. Useful as a cushion, as half mat (e.g. as chair seating) and as a sleeping mat. It lies flat immediately when opened! No annoying rolling as in normal mats. Packed 50 x 30 x 5 cm, 225 g.

180 x 50 x 0,8 cm
Thermal conductivitym, mean Temp. of 10 °C, ISO 8302 1991, W/m-K 0.22

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Brand: Basic Nature

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Standardi PE foam makuualusta. Camping ja vapaa-aikaan. Suljettu solumuovi, vedenpitävä ja hyvä eristys. 250g. 180cmx50cmx1cmA standard PE foam allround mat - ideal for camping and leisure. Closed cell foam, waterproof and good insu

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Not in stock, estimated delivery time 14 days

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