Whether you love beach holidays, backpacking, road trip adventures, spending time in nature, active holiday or need to travel a lot for business, from us you will find all your needed equipment!

  • Large assortment of quality traveling and trekking products from well known manufacturers  
  • Cheap delivery fees and all orders exceeding 100€ are delivered free of charge!
  • Only 2-3 days delivery time for stock items. 
  • Professional customer service always available
  • On top of the free returns, we grant a satisfaction guarantee for all of our products!

Our Story

Car packed! Tent, sleeping bags and other necessary things packed. It's the beginning of the 21st century, summer holidays ahead, and we are going for a travel around Europe with no exact destination or plans. We feel free and are looking forward for the greatest adventure. Years pass and more and more travels take place, some near, some far, some by car, some with a backpacker spirit. The size of our family grows and finally our boys aged 1 and 3 join us in our travels! 

We find ourselves in all kinds of different situations at our travels, and they are not always only positive. Especially when sleeping in a tent and traveling with children, we need to start paying more and more attention on what all needs to be packed in order to ensure a comfortable travel. Especially at the beginning, missing equipment is searched from stores we find on the way, and when not found, written down in order to remember them when packing for the next travel. Our goal is to be able to enjoy holidays and adventures that can easily adjust to changing situations and environments, thanks to good equipment. Quality, handiness and possibility to pack everything in a small space are quickly becoming very important factors when choosing equipment.  The idea for our own web store has unconsciously been born. 

We start thinking about a web store that would have all that you need for a travel, easily and for an adequate price – and with no regard to whether you are going backpacking for a month to Asia, a one week relaxed holiday at the beach with the kids, or daily commuting to work – not to mention trekking and just enjoying the outdoors. The idea meets reality on 2012, when the decision on quitting our then current jobs was made. 

At the beginning the stock of our company fits in an old glass vitrine, but the journey has begun! First years were far from easy and our belief was hit hard many times, but we still believed 100% on the idea, and little by little we overcame all obstacles. 

Thanks to all of our customers and hands on and motivated staff, we have grown from a glass vitrine into a meaningful actor in traveling equipment selling in Finland. We are continuing to develop our store, and at a very important role in that is the feedback we get from you, our customers, good and quick staff with lots of expertise and of course the innovative and quality traveling equipment. Competitive prices and a large stock are ensured by constantly growing the products we import and actively following the field through for example expositions. We are also putting effort in growing the size of our own stock, in order to keep delivery times as short as possible.  

Whether your adventure is a backpacking trip for an unknown duration or the daily commuting where you wish to be able to bring an easy take away coffee, we are here for you!

With best traveling regards

Oskari & Tiina and matkavaruste staff, Phone number 010 2992 690

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