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Alexika 5 hengen luxus teltta VICTORIA 5 LUXE

483,06 €


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Home: huge and comfortable, that will make your vocation a pleasure. When you wake up in the morning you can stand up on your feet without touching the ceiling and walk straight to the dining room that is 9m² and enjoy freshly cooked breakfast with amazigly smelling coffee. You have just to go out from the tent to find yourself on the beach.
Technical features:
Steel 16 mm poles
3 entrances 
1 large inner room in standing height 200 cm
very easy to set up 
effective ventilation system 
zippers on the flysheet are fixed with aluminum hooks 
reinforcements in the places of the tent, where the force is high 
stitches are sealed with thermo-tape 
treatment for fire-resistance 
inner tent has mosquito mesh, ring for the torch and organiser compartment for small items 
Oxford 150 fabric reinforcement of the lower part of the tent 
mudflap (skirt) reinforcement 
floor in the vestibule 
the window has a transparent insert for the bad weather, and a ventilation net 
big compression carry bag + extra pole bag
the mud flap along the border of the tent protects from wind, snow and sand + when loaded it makes the tent stronger. If needed, it can be easily gathered up with loops and buckles.
Season rate: Use of products from April till September with possible low temperatures and rain.
Wind resistance rate: Medium wind 9-11 m/s (31-39 km/h).
The Victoria 5 Luxe is a ideal partner for Family-Camping.
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