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High Peak
High Peak Tessin 5 hengen perheteltta

Kupoliteltta koko perheelle. Pinnoitettu kangas ja 3000 mm vesipilari tarjoaa riittävän suojan sateelta.

139,00 €
169,90 €
Vango Calder 500 perheteltta

The Calder 500 is ideal for small family campers and couples, who want to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle to spend their weekends in their outdoor home. The pre-attached sun canopy is great for preparing your tasty meals or even just as an outdoor sanctuary to relax under at the end of the day.

399,00 €
High Peak
High Peak Benito 5 perheteltta

Family tunnel tent with full size “hook-in” wall-ground sheet. The advantage of the “hook-in” groundsheet is easy to clean and during hot days, the ground sheet can take out for more ground air ventilation.

429,00 €
Vango Avington 500 perheteltta viidelle

The Avington 500 is a stylish, compact and functional tunnel tent, which is a perfect size for family getaways. The sewn-in groundsheet adds to the comfort of your tent, providing a bug and draught free environment. Enjoy a great nights sleep with 'lights out inners' and handy bedroom pockets to keep your essentials close to hand. The pre-attached extension creates a shelter for food preparation or simply sitting out enjoying the view

355,00 €
Vango Orava 500XL perheteltta

The Orava 500XL is new to the Vango Exceed range, featuring pre-angled Fibreglass poles for extra head room throughout. This 5 person tent boasts a vast living area and a home from home feel with the inclusion of inner dividers, new and improved ventilation and the luxury of a sewn-in groundsheet. Be the envy of the campsite with this family-friendly, must-have tent! 

685,00 €
Vango Zeal 500 viiden hengen teltta
229,00 €
279,00 €
Vango Berkeley 500 teltta viidelle
240,00 €
Vango Skye 500 teltta viidelle

Skye 500 tunneliteltta sopii pienille perheille, pariskunnille, ystäville viikonloppuleiritymiseen tai festivaaleille.

225,00 €
Vango Winsley 500 teltta viidelle

Winslow 500 on täydellinen tunneliteltta pienille perheille tai pariskunnille. Tilava olohuone, jossa on suuri etuosa helpottaa liikkumista teltan ympärillä.

325,00 €
Vango Ashton 500 teltta viidelle

Suosittu Ashton perheteltta on iso ja tilava. 

375,00 €
Vango Beta 550XL alumiinisilla telttakepeillä

Suosittu Beta550XL tarjoaa reilusti nukkumatilaa isolla ja monikäyttöisellä oleskelutilalla. Normaaaliin Beta XL malliin erona kevyet alumiiniset telttakepit, vankemmat vetoketjut ja kestävämmät kinnitystapit.

399,00 €
 Vango Edoras 500XL viiden hengen teltta
1 045,00 €
High Peak
High Peak Santiago 5 viiden hengen teltta

The Santiago 5 is a classical dome tent with full size sewn in groundsheet. The sewn in groundsheet keeps the tent inside dry and comfortable. No entry for annoying terrestrials and dirt. The porch feature full mosquito door clear windows for brightness and inside curtain for privacy.

289,00 €
High Peak
High Peak Paros 5 viiden hengen teltta

4-5 Person tunnel tent in stand up height with full featured porch -living area. Fixed ground sheet to inner tent and mudguard keeps dirt out of the living area. Clear panoramic view windows with curtains for privacy brighten up the interior. 

339,00 €
High Peak Aeros 5.0 5 hengen teltta
5 hengen ilmalla täytettävä teltta. 
859,00 €
Coleman Rocky Mountain, perheteltta viidelle

A family and group tent in tunnel design with a nice anteroom. The bedroom is completely black (BlackOut Bedroom). This enables relaxing sleep at any time. A small awning protects the entrance against rain. With a very good water column of 4.500 mm

479,00 €