Heijastinliivi yksi koko

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Heijastinliivi yksi koko
Valm. tuotekoodi
Toimitusaika alk.
1-4 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
4,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Väri: keltainen
Kangas: 100% polyesteriä
Sertifikaatit: CE, standardin ISO 20471: 2013 mukainen
Liivien korkeus: 67,5cm
Liivin ympärysmitta: 117cm
Paino: 100 g


Color: yellow
Fabric: 100% polyester
Certifications: CE, compliance with the norm ISO 20471: 2013
Height of the vests: 67,5cm
Circuit of the vests: 117cm
Weight: 100g

Excellent vest with reflectors. Two reflective strips, made of silver fabric, shining the light. Bright yellow color makes you visible / a by the way, during construction, in a vehicle or on a trip and the like.

Vests should always have with you in a backpack or in the car - if necessary, will be on hand. It is easy to put on and pulls through velcros.Wearing vests, especially after dark significantly increases safety on the road. In the evening, walking without reflective elements is visible to the driver in the low beam with only about 20-30 m. Dressed in a reflective vest is, however, already visible from 130-150m, so that the driver has 5 times more time to react.

The vest is CE certified and complies with the European standard ISO 20471: 2013 on warning clothing for high visibility.

vest with reflectors, zip on a velcro

reflective strips, made of silver fabric, shining the light

makes it easy to put on and pulls through velcros

wearing the vest increases safety on the road