Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi

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Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi
Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi
Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi
Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi
Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi
Alexika XXL ALEUT, 4 vuodenajan makuupussi
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Toimituskulut alk.
122,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

This sleeping bag is all about minimizing heat loss. Huge volume of insulation 650 g/m², wide warming collar, system of the hood tightening "warm hands" are combined in this model. We recommend this sleeping bag for winter travel at stable low temperatures.

The fabric of the upper part (a lighter color) of the sleeping bag is breathable and is good ventilated. The bottom part of the sleeping bag is made of RipStop fabric, which is very strong. PU 250 mm H2O treatment protects from wind and rain. Ropes with different shape and color for defining the tightening of the top or the bottom of the hood only by touching. The roll along the border of the hood is a comfortable protection when the hood is tightened. The roll has a different width, to decrease the uncomfortable knots and folds.

Technical features:

soft roll along the border of the hood
anti-catch strap along the zipper
the hood has 2 pillow entrances
warming collar 360c
possibility to zip together the sleeping bags with right and left zipper
3D shape of the hood
luminescent loop on the slider of the zippers
pack sack with compression straps that can be lengthened to turn the bag into an emergency backpack
inner pocket made from soft mesh fabric
loops in the top and in the bottom for drying the sleeping bag.
The filling is formed into blocks, which are moved from on another for length of half of the block. This stops the cold air from getting through the stitches. The inner fabric of the sleeping bag is made of Polyester 190T and the inner fabric of the hood is made of Soft MicroPolyester 300T Diamond RipStop. This fabrik is hypo-allergenic and very comfortable.

All Alexika sleeping bags are certified according to EU norm EN 13537.

Color olive
Gewicht 3.200
Dimensions 95 x 230 x 65 cm
Packed dimensions 45/35 x 30 cm
Comfort zone -3 °C
Transition zone -8 °C
Extreme zone -26 °C
Season Use of products all year round, in any weather conditions
Outer material upside Polyester 190T
Outer material downside Polyester 190T Diamond RipStop PU 250 mm H2O
Inner material Polyester 190T; Hood/Haube - Soft Micro Polyester 300T Diamond RipStop
Insulation / fillig APF-Isoterm 3D 650 (2x325) g/m²


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