Brettschneider moskiittoverkko Lodge Big Box 1

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Brettschneider moskiittoverkko Lodge Big Box 1
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49,00 €
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The mosquito net for undisturbed sleep at home or in the holiday home. It is perfect for the stylish design of the bedroom as well as for protection against mosquitoes like Culex, Aedes (yellow-fever mosquito) and Anopheles. The entry can be opened an put to the side. When closed, the net overlaps for definite exclusion of insects.

Large box mosquito net that drapes loosely over single beds. The overlapping entry area can be attractively draped together on both sides during the day

100% Polyester

Meas. W x L x H 1,1 m x 2,1 m x 2,5 m
Packing size 32 cm x 13 cm x 16 cm
Weight 740 g
Colour white
Material polyester
Mesh 240 mesh per square inch
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