Helio pressure shower retkisuihku

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Helio pressure shower retkisuihku
Helio pressure shower retkisuihku
Helio pressure shower retkisuihku
Helio pressure shower retkisuihku
Toimitusaika alk.
25-30 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
139,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
149,00 €

Helio on laadukas retkisuihku jota ei tarvitse ripustaa mihinkään vaan säiliö toimii maassa .Painetta säiliöön saat helposti jalalla pumppaamalla.Helio suihkulla peset helposti myös astiat.Tarjoaa n 5-7min yhtäjaksoisen suihkun. Pieneen tilaan pakattava ja kulkee helposti mukana.

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Unlike gravity camp showers that need to be hung overhead and produce dismal water pressure, Helio™ rests on the ground and delivers the pressure you need to wash hair, do the dishes, rinse off gear, water your plants, or wash the dog. This high quality innovative portable shower is engineered to last, just like all NEMO products. Helio is a "bombproof" camp shower capable of much more than it's competitors


Sometimes what you really want to round out a perfect day of hiking or surfing is a good hot shower. The Helio™ Pressure Shower comes in a small, neatly nested kit, weighs less than a liter of water, and provides 5 to 7 minutes of steady and satisfying water pressure. Unlike conventional gravity-fed, hanging shower systems, the Helio™system uses an 11 liter welded fabric water tank pressurized by a foot pump. To use the system, you simply fill up the water tank, let it warm in the sun, set the tank on the ground, then step on the foot pump a few times. Pumping occasionally while showering maintains the water pressure. Helio™ is ideal for showering or cleaning dishes in camp, rinsing off after surfing or canyoneering, or general hygiene and cleanliness on any extended stay in the backcountry.


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