Fjord Nansen Thermal merinovilla naisten lämpöalushousut

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Fjord Nansen Thermal merinovilla naisten lämpöalushousut
Fjord Nansen Thermal merinovilla naisten lämpöalushousut
Fjord Nansen Thermal merinovilla naisten lämpöalushousut
Fjord Nansen Thermal merinovilla naisten lämpöalushousut
Fjord Nansen
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Thermal leggings MERINO FJORD NANSEN is extremely practical clothing produced from SCHOELLER materials! The woollen yarn (1 woollen thread) has as much as 80% wool and 20% polyamide – thanks to this, it is more durable, doesn’t itch, and doesn’t pill. The ecological way of processing wool by the SCHOELLER group eliminates the use of environmentally harmful chlorine solution. Additionally, thanks to the addition of silver ions, the material reduces the multiplication of bacteria responsible for the formation of unpleasant odours. Synthetic fibres absorb the moisture (sweat) generated during physical exercise and pass it on to the outer layer of the material from where it evaporates quickly. MERINO underwear will be perfect during multi-day trips in the autumn and winter season.

  • Low weight
  • Leggings are made from a combination of warm MERINO wool (42%) and fast-drying synthetic fibres (58%)
  • The material is “non-scratchy” and pleasant to the touch
  • STOP BACTERIA technology
  • The underwear is elastic and adapts to the user’s body
  • Flat seams eliminate the formation of abrasions
  • Warm underwear for use during autumn and winter
  • Thanks to the silver ions, no bad odours develop
  • Well-fitting cut, and at the same time, very stretchy material
  • Heat zones providing additional thermal protection
  • Two-layer construction, improving the process of breathing and drying of the underwear
  • Ideal for multi-day use (multi-day trekking, skiing, etc.)
  • Weight: 155 g (size S-M)

SCHOELLER – is a group of flexible materials of the highest quality, characterised by functionality, durability, and strength. Elastic material which won’t restrict movement but will “breathe” very well. Produced by the Swiss company SCHOELLER TEXTIL AG since 1961, when the world’s first elastic ski pants were created using this material. At present, the Schoeller family of materials includes many types of fabrics and materials intended for use in a wide segment of outdoor clothing

STOP BACTERIA – a technology that, thanks to the use of silver ions, prevents the growth of bacteria responsible for the formation of unpleasant odours

MERINO – a natural wool obtained from Merino sheep – high quality, very thin yarn, considered the best wool in the world. It has a low water absorption coefficient, doesn’t irritate the skin, and controls moisture wicking in a natural way. In addition, it doesn’t absorb odours and is naturally stretchable. It works great as a thermal insulating material