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Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Indiana 500 kymmenen hengen teltta
Perinteinen tiipii teltta jopa kymmenelle hengelle. Yhden pystytolpan ansiosta nopea pystyttää. Maapohja nousee ylös ja... 
349,00 €
Trimm Bungalow II 8 hengen perheteltta, sand tai sininen väri
Iso teltta 8-11 hengelle jossa kolme erillistä makuuhuonetta teltan reunoissa ja keskellä yhteinen oleskelutila. Paino: 22 kg.  Koko: 870 x 550 x 215cm, Koko pakattuna: 35... 
649,00 €
Alexia Victoria 10 hengen teltta
If you sre travelling 8-10 people, or maybe just 3, but you definitely want the whole tent to be protected from spiders, snakes and insects - Victoria 10 tent with 2... 
559,00 €
Alexia Military Mark 18T teltta 8-12 hengelle
Big army tent for comfortable accomodation of 8-12 people.   Standard army tent for long-term base camps of a troop. Double ceiling, effective ventilation, detachable... 
2 199,00 €
Robens Kiowa kymmenen hengen teltta
The Kiowa tipi sleeps up to ten people and provides a large living space and front porch. The zip-in groundsheet has a zip to the centre alloy pole, enabling it to... 
1 199,00 €
1 374,90 €
Robens Apache tiipii kymmenelle hengelle
The ten-person Apache pitches quickly and easily using three A-frames to create a huge pole-free living area with entrances front and back that both feature good-size windows... 
1 399,00 €
1 499,00 €
Robens Prospector 12-hengen teltta
The Prospector captures the spirit held in those sepia images of old American prospectors and pioneers. It combines our technical cotton with a sturdy steel A-frame and... 
1 159,00 €
Robens Kobuk telttakamiina
Easy to assemble Burns wood 6 x 36 cm Stovepipe sections with flue protector (dia. 13 cm) Safe and stable Cooking surface Removable... 
449,90 €
Robens Denali telttakamiina
Easy to assemble Burns wood 6 x 36 cm Stovepipe sections with flue protector (dia. 13 cm) Safe and stable with locking legs... 
369,90 €
Robens jatkoputki telttakamiinalle
Will increase your stove pipe with 36 cm on all Robens tent stoves

18,90 €
Robens Bering vedenlämmitin
Hot water on tap To boil - rotates around the stovepipe to sit on stove Rotates around the stovepipe to remove from the... 
59,90 €
Robens ground protector kamiinan maasuoja
Fire retardant ground protector for use with tent stoves Can withstand 550˚C Carrybag included Protects against sparks and... 
49,90 €