Tunniste avaimenperä

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Tunniste avaimenperä
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Värikkäät avaimenperät tunnisteella. Merkkaa helposti avaimet tai varusteesi. Muovitaskussa oleva lappu voidaan täyttää molemmin puolin. Muovisuoja kestävä ja vedenpitävä. Kestävä metalli rinkula.

Mitat 6.5 / 2.1cm. Tekstialueen mitat 3,1 / 1,4cm.

Such a large set is useful for everyone, whether at home or at work. With our key tags on a sturdy metal ring, you can mark different types of keys very quickly and extremely efficiently. A keychain with color-coded keys is always helpful and useful, so you save yourself the hassle of searching for the right key. Our set is an excellent way to keep a large number of keys in a designated key box or on a large round ring.
The powerful colors allow you to assign each key very quickly and so you can sort out inappropriate colors from the outset. Even hanging from a large ring, you will quickly find the right key for the current door lock. The white card can be easily pushed out and labeled, this can be marked on both sides. The transparent plastic window is coated and weather-resistant, it keeps moisture and water away, thus protecting the card described inside.
Each shield has a solid and durable metal ring, which makes it very easy to attach the key plates to a carabiner. On the opposite side is a large eyelet, above it can hang the sign in a box or hang in a ring. The shield is made of an abrasion-resistant plastic, so you can use this very long.

FINE COLORS - Our key badges have eye-catching and bright colors, so each key can be easily distinguished and distinguished. Due to the color difference, you can choose in advance which label you need to read to find the right key, making searching easier and faster. 

LABEL TO THE LABELS - In the window is a white card, this can be described on both sides. The transparent window is additionally sealed, this makes the trailer weather-resistant and protects against moisture and water.

METAL RING & OEN - The strong and solid metal ring allows quick attachment to all kinds of objects. On the opposite side is a large eyelet, so you can hang the pendant well in a key box or connect with a corresponding larger ring.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION - Our key fob set is suitable for private household as well as for commercial use. Whether in the office, in the hotel or on a construction site. Our key badges are durable and durable, they are weather resistant and can be used over a very long period of time.

SPECIFICATIONS - Overall dimensions (width / height): 6.5 / 2.1cm Dimensions viewing window (width / height): 3,1 / 1,4cm 


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