Basil Denton pyöräkori L

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Basil Denton pyöräkori L
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Basil Denton L on tyylikäs kuljetuskori pyörään. Ison koon ansiosta tilaa isommallekin määrälle tavaroita. Mitat 45 cm x 32 cm x 32 cm. Nahkainen kinnityssolki, saranahihnat ja kantokahvojen pehmusteet. Ei sisällä kiinnikkeitä vaan vaatii etutarakan. Sopii käytettäväksi myös sellaisenaan

The Basil Denton L is a luxurious storage box designed for fitting to the front of your bike. This rattan bike basket comes in a classic brown colour and boasts faux leather trims.

Dimensions: 45 cm x 32 cm x 31 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Position on the bicycle: Front
Installation on: Front carrier rack
Material: Rattan
Wire / Mesh: Non applicable

The Basil Denton is a stylish rattan storage basket for both men and women’s bikes. This basket not only makes an instant impression with its authentic rattan material, it also makes a practical choice thanks to its convenient lidded top, providing added security for your items while you’re on the move. This practical storage case will become an indispensable asset for every cyclist, whether you’re planning a shopping trip or need to venture to the gym. This bike basket is supplied without fixtures and attachment essentials, although you can purchase a crate-mounting system separately from Basil for easy installation. The faux leather handles mean this basket can be taken anywhere once you’ve parked up, saving you the hassle of having to take extra shopping bags with you to load it up. Looking for more authentic rattan storage? Browse the complete collection from Basil online today to get inspired.

This rattan bike basket is easy to fix to your bike with a crate-mounting set.
Luxury rattan aesthetic with faux leather storage.
This practical storage solution comes with a snug-fitting lid.
Suitable for use with all styles of bikes.