nonda ZUS USB autolaturi, autonpaikannin

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nonda ZUS USB autolaturi, autonpaikannin
nonda ZUS USB autolaturi, autonpaikannin
nonda ZUS USB autolaturi, autonpaikannin
nonda ZUS USB autolaturi, autonpaikannin
Valm. tuotekoodi
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
42,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Kahdella USB portilla varustettu autolaturi jonka avulla myös paikannat autosi. Hallinta älypuhelinsovelluksella avulla. Sovellus valvoo myös akun jäljellä olevaa kapasiteettia. Max. 4.8 A (Max 2.4 A via 1 USB port

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nonda ZUS Car Charger with multiple functions, including Smart Car Finder

2 reversible USB ports
Thanks to two reversible USB ports, nonda ZUS Car Charger allows you to charge two devices simultaneously by plugging in your cable in either direction

Ultra-fast charging
Nonda ZUS allows you to charge at maximum speed: charge two iPhone 6s in 1 hour and 54 minutes or two iPad mini in 3 hours and 41 minutes 1

Smart Car Finder
Whenever you park your car, nonda ZUS automatically saves your car's location and sends it to your smartphone, so that you can always find your car in confusing parking situations via the ZUS app

More functions of the ZUS app

Parking Meter Alert: Via the app, you can set an alarm which reminds you in time when your parking time is low to avoid parking tickets

Car Battery Health Monitor: The app actively monitors your car's battery and notifies you when your battery is underperforming

Family Share: Share your parking location with your family via app

Driver's logbook: Maintains your logbook (60 entries included then 2.99$/month or 29.99$/year)

Brightly shining design
The Charger's ports and its centre are illuminated, for increased visibility in dark environments


Input current (A): 2.2 - 1.1 A
Output current (A): Max. 4.8 A (Max 2.4 A via 1 USB port)
Input voltage (V): 12 - 24 V
Output voltage (V): 5 V
Dimensions: 84.64 x 17.36 x 36.05 mm
Weight: 28 g