Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle

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Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle
Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle
Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle
Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle
Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle
Vango Avington 600XL perheteltta kuudelle
Valm. tuotekoodi
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv

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erillinen maasuoja musta Langley/Avington 600XL footprint

Marks out intended pitching position. Easy to move about before rolling tent out to pitch
Protects the groundsheet of your tent from stones, thorns and other hazards
Keeps tent groundsheet clean - Easier to pack up camp and saves cleaning tent
Uses durable 100% PE construction that will last and is easy to clean
Folds away into compact carry bag - Easy to transport and helps to keep tent clean
Weight 2.95kg
Packsize L54.0 x H16.0 x W15.0cm

549,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
600,00 €

The Avington 600XL is a stylish and functional tunnel tent. The sewn-in groundsheet provides a bug and draught free environment whilst a great nights sleep is guaranteed with our Lights-out Inners. The pre-attached extension creates a shelter for enjoying the views and dining al fresco. Designed using our new Sentinel Dura fabric, this tent will last the test of time and stand strong against the elements.

Weight     21.9kg
Capacity     6 Person Tent
Pitching Time     20 mins
Packsize     L70.0 x H32.0 x W30.0cm
Range     Exceed
Year     2019

Vango PowerFlex® fibreglass poles - Create strong, light and reliable structures

Weather tested to the European standard EN5912 by certified test centre

Fire retardant fabrics - Meets European EN5912 safety standard

High visibility guylines - Easy to see in low light conditions.

Easypack Carry Bag - oversized carry bag made from 15% more material with 50% more volume

Sentinel Dura - Our new Sentinel Dura has been developed to create a fabric with improved performance without the addition of unnecessary weight. The introduction of our new ColourLok technology and a 30% increase in strength, coupled with a 4,000mm HH waterproof rating, ensures market leading quality and performance.

Sewn-in Groundsheet - Provides a bug and draught free environment. Groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to give all-round protection

Pre-attached Front Extension - Provides extra covered space perfect for socialising, dining and storage

Covered Side Door - Gives a sheltered entrance to your tent and prevents rain from dripping in to the living area

Multiple Entry Points - Provides flexiblity and increased airflow within the tent

Flat Front Living Area - Maximes living space within the tent

Cable Entry with Tidies - Neatly feed electrical cables into your tent allowing you to easily keep your camping appliances powered

Lantern Hanging Points - Conveniently positioned to attach your light(s)

Lights-out Inner - Helps block out early morning light so your sleeping pattern doesn't need to be dictated by the sunrise

Bedroom Pockets - Keep all your essentials neatly stored away with the conveniently positioned pockets

Toggled Inner Divider - Provides flexible sleeping options, allowing you to split bedrooms, to create more privacy or remove to create a master bedroom

Queen Bedrooms - Provides a 60cm sleeping area per person, meaning you have plenty of room to sleep and store essentials

Double Section Living Area - You are sure to have plently of space to relax and unwind with our double section living area

Toggled Privacy Curtains - Provides shade or privacy when required, can be rolled away when not in use

Diamond Clear Windows - Maximise light and visibility to provide a bright and airy environment

Vango AirZone - Our unique ventilation system keeps fresh air circulating in your tent, reducing condensation

TBS® II - Ensures the tent performs in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds

Expandable Carry Bag - An oversized wide opening makes it simpler to pack away your tent. This design also includes robust compression straps to reduce the overall pack size

Front & Rear Storm Anchors - Secure guying at the front and rear of the tent providing peace of mind in adverse conditions