Thermarest Saros makuupussi, regular

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Thermarest Saros makuupussi, regular
Thermarest Saros makuupussi, regular
Thermarest Saros makuupussi, regular
Thermarest Saros makuupussi, regular
Thermarest Saros makuupussi, regular
Toimitusaika alk.
1-4 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
140,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
209,00 €

Lämmin kolmen vuoden ajan Saros makuupussi retkeilyyn. Nopeasti kuivuva eraLoft materiaali. Thermacapture saumaukset lisälämpöä tuomaan. SynEnergy link liittimien avulla makuupussin kiinnitys Thermarest patjaan nopeaa ja helppoa. Jaloille erillinen tasku lisälämpöä tuomaan. Täysipitkä vetoketju. Sisätasku arvoesineille.

Mukavuus lämpötila 0C. 

Our most versatile three-season sleeping bag built with lightweight eraLoft™ insulation.

The three-season Saros sleeping bag is the perfect choice for backcountry trips that start with a shaky forecast. The Saros uses our eraLoft™ synthetic insulation, which is quick-drying and weather resistant, making it ideal for backpacking and mountaineering in wet weather from spring to fall. To keep the Saros efficient, we built in ThermaCapture™ Seams to boost the bag's warmth without adding extra bulk. Our SynergyLink™ Connectors also integrate the Saros with your mattress to ensure superior comfort with efficient warmth and the freedom to move as you like for the best night's rest possible. The Saros is offered in three sizes and designed to fit both men and women. Stuff sack and storage sack included.

SynergyLink™ Connectors: Integrate the bag with a mattress for optimal comfort and efficiency; removable for versatility.

Thermacapture™ Seams: Trap radiant body heat and retain warmth without adding bulk or weight.

Zoned Insulation: Maximizes warmth and saves weight while using eraLoft™ synthetic insulation

Toe-asis™ Foot Warmer Pocket: Rapidly warms cold feet.

Quilt and Blanket Loops: Customize your sleep system by layering our quilts or tech blankets for increased warmth.

Additional features: Heat-trapping draft collar, full-length zipper draft tube, snag-free zipper, cinchable hood and external zip pocket.



1.59 kg

Width 80 cm

Length 201 cm


Girth, Shoulder 160 cm

Girth, Hip 156 cm

Girth, Foot box  117 cm

Foot Width 58 cm

Packed dimension 25 cm x 43 cm 

EN Comfort 0 C

EN Limit  -6C 

EN Extreme (C) -24 C

Fill eraLoft Poly Hollow Fiber, Thermacapture Seams

Fill weight 1.13 kg 

Shell fabric 20D Polyester Ripstop w/DWR

Liner fabric 20D Polyester Taffeta, Printed 20D Polyester Taffeta

Zipper side Left / Left / Left