Fjord Nansen Stavoy makuupussi

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Fjord Nansen Stavoy makuupussi
Fjord Nansen Stavoy makuupussi
Fjord Nansen Stavoy makuupussi
Fjord Nansen
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STAVOY sleeping bag can successfully replace the comforter. Good for sleeping in shelter and ideal during a family camping.




Eko Loft Hollowfiber - a very warm, light and soft heat insulation with spirally twisted, siliconized polyester fibers;

the inner material is light and pleasant to the touch, made of fiber water-vapor permeable, allowing you to maintain a suitable microclimate inside the sleeping bag;

outer material: POLI RIPSTOP; 

inner material: POLICOTTON;

check during a cold summer, hot spring and autumn;

with double-sided TH zipper you can adjust the temperature in a sleeping bag;

ANTI-BITE - security system of the material before cutting the lock;

the shape of the envelope - it can be used as a comforter;

inside there is a pocket for valuables (20 x 20 cm) with a note on the owner's data.

Technical parameters:


temperature T max: 20 °C;

temperature T comf: 6 °C;

temperature T lim: 1 °C;

temperature extreme (T min): -10 °C;

max hight: 195 cm;

total lenght: 220 cm;

sleeping bag width at its widest point: 85 cm;

weight: 2150 g (without a cover).


Shape: envelope

Outer material: POLIESTER

Inner material: POLICOTTON

Pack size: 47 x 28

Dimensions [cm]: 220 x 85

Fits someone up to [cm]: 195


Insulation collar: no

Thermal strip: yes

Zipper: left

T max [°C]: 20

T comfort [°C]: 6

T lim [°C]: 1

T extreme [°C]: -10

Colour: Sapphire


Weight [g]: 2150


Note: the value we give in T lim - is the lowest temperature at which the "standard man" can sleep comfortably. Women or easily freezing people, should be guided by the parameter T thermal comfort when choosing a sleeping bag.

Research in climate chamber - selected models of sleeping bags from each collection have been tested in a Weiss climate chamber on a complex 16-element dummy DIANA (according to the European EN 13537-2004). In this way the set temperature T max, T comf, T lim, T min. Then, the test results were calculated temperature ranges all the Fjord Nansen sleeping bags, thanks to at least reduce the risk of buying the wrong sleeping bag by the customer. Before choosing, ask yourself how we feel cold and take this into account when choosing a particular model. In most cases, we should choose the model slightly warmer than predicted earlier.

Temperature Range acordding to EN 13537 - they refer to the standard man and a woman at the average standard effort. WARNING! Sometimes it may happen that a feeling of coldness will be different in different individuals. On the way of feeling cold, they are also affected by such factors as fatigue, hunger, malaise, early hypothermia, age, metabolism, fat thickness, etc .

The upper limit of comfort (T max) - the temperature at which the "standard man" does not sweat and excessive temperature does not disturb his sleep.

Comfort (T comf) - the temperature at which a man is in thermal equilibrium and does not feel cold. This value refers to the "standard", sated women, the average effort. This parameter should be guided by a woman selecting a sleeping bag.

Limit temperature (T lim) - the lowest temperature at which the "standard man" can sleep comfortably. This parameter should be guided by men selecting a sleeping bag.

Extreme temperature (term) - exceeding this value means the risk of hypothermia and the conditions in which you can survive a maximum of six hours (parameter based on the feelings of "average woman"). The temperature should not be guided when buying a sleeping bag !!!


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