Fjord Nansen Tordis I yhden hengen teltta

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Fjord Nansen Tordis I yhden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis I yhden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis I yhden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis I yhden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen
Toimituskulut alk.
Toimitusaika alk.
1-14 pv
199,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

A comfortable, hybrid single; an ideal compromise between comfort and lightness. With the DCS System, you can easily sit down or dress up without touching the inner tent material with your head. At least two people can be present in the tent in a sitting position.

It has two vestibules (you will get into the second vestibule through an additional hatch in the inner tent).


self-supporting construction; the tent can be pitched on the rocky ground;
frame, pegs – duraluminium 8,5 mm;
flysheet – Polyester Ripstop 5 000 mm;
inner tent – PoliRipstop;
footprint – Nylon PU 6 000 mm.

SYSTEM DOUBLE COMFORT SPACE - is a special tent frame profiling system. With this system, nearly vertical side walls effect was obtained.

Weight [g]: 1900
Weight range [kg]: ultralight up to 2.8
Number of persons: 1
Number of entrances: 1
Footprint material: nylon PU
Type: igloo
Flysheet material: Polyester PU
Flysheet water resistance [mm H₂O]: 5000
Inner tent material: polyester mesh
Footprint water resistance [mm H₂O]: 6000
Pack size: 48 x 18
Inner tent dimensions [cm]: 220 x 70
Height of inner tent [cm]: 95
Vestibule dimensions [cm]: 220 x 60
Number of vestibules: 1
Footprint in the vestibule: no
Frame: external
Frame material: duralumin [ALU GNA]
Daimeter of frame [mm]: 8.5
Śledzie: duraluminium [EIR]

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