Sevylor Madison kanootti

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Sevylor Madison kanootti
Sevylor Madison kanootti
Sevylor Madison kanootti
Sevylor Madison kanootti
Sevylor Madison kanootti
Sevylor Madison kanootti
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv
499,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Vakaa ja mukava käsitellä, Madison™ on täydellinen kumppani pitkään hauskaan päivään vedessä. HighRest™ istuimien pitempi selkätuki ja korkeampi istuintyyny takaa mukavuuden. Istuimet on helppo poistaa ja muuntaa 1 tai 2-hengen kajakiksi. PaddleGrip™ pitää melat paikoillaan. Vahvat kantokahvat helpottavat siirtoa. Paino 15,6 kg. Kantavuus 200 kg. Mitat 327 x 93 cm

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Madison kayak combines an extraordinary mix of maneuverability, stability and comfort. Thanks to its features like molded handles, the improved carry bag and new comfortable seats, this kayak offers endless fun on the water.

Wide shape offering excellent stability

Easy Inflation Manometer: check pressure easily during inflation

Highly effective drainage system

2 fabric covered seats with a taller back and base

Removable seats - easily turn the kayak into a 1-person boat

Removable fin and welded-on directional strake for excellent manoeuvrability

New molded handles on side including double function as paddle holders

Improved carry bag for easy transportation

Front and rear spray decks

Included: improved carry bag (nylon), Easy Inflation Manometer, removable fin, repair kit, owners manual


Sevy-Strong™ Tarpaulin - to prevent leakage

Heavy duty tarpaulin is remarkably robust, lightweight and water resistant material that protects the bottom of the kayak from abrasion and damage.


Sevy-Strong™ Tarpaulin is up to 18% thicker and has been generously extended well above the waterline, covering 28% more surface area of the kayak compared to competitor models.


Seatography™ - floor guide

Practical floor guide to help determine where your seat should be positioned for greatest comfort and correct usage.


PaddleGrip™ - Multi-functional holder

Multi-functional carry handle and/or a paddle holder so you can relax hands free.