Millet Annapurna 75+15, useita värejä

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Millet Annapurna 75+15, useita värejä
Millet Annapurna 75+15, useita värejä
Millet Annapurna 75+15, useita värejä
Millet Annapurna 75+15, useita värejä
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219,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
269,00 €

Millet on ranskalainen, vuonna 1921 perustettu yritys, joka valmistaa korkealuokkaisia vaatteita ja varusteita vaativille käyttäjille. Tuotteet on suunniteltu kovaan käyttöön, erityisesti lasketteluun ja kiipeilyyn, mutta myös muihin ulkoiluaktiviteetteihin kuten pyöräilyyn, hiihtoon, luisteluun.  

Tuotekehitys alkoi alun perin repuista ja jo vuonna 1950 Millet varusti Ranskan ensimmäisen retkikunnan Annapurnalle, Himalajalle. Nykyään Millet valmistaa vaatteita, reppuja, köysiä, kenkiä ja makuupusseja. 

Millet suunnittelijat tekevät kiinteää yhteystyötä teknisten asiantuntijoiden kanssa, joihin kuuluvat mm. vuoristo-oppaat ja vapaalaskijat. Myös alppilegendat Walter Bonatti ja Reinhold Messner ovat aikanaan olleet Milletin teknisiä asiantuntijoita. Edelleen Millet on mm. Chamonix’n vuoristo-opaskoulun virallinen yhteistyökumppani. 

Millet käyttää tuotteissaan parhaita materiaaleja ja kokeilee mielellään valmistajien uusia vaihtoehtoja. Millet on Gore-tex’n yhteistyökumppani Ranskassa. 

Millet-tuotteilla on 2 vuoden materiaali- ja valmistusvirhetakuu. 

High-capacity alpine trekking backpack, designed for the keen mountaineer and built for mountain environments and long-haul destinations. The 75 litre capacity plus 15 and Mountain shape feature a generous volume and wide base that accommodate multiple day alpine trekking and backpacking expeditions. The Alpine Trek Adjustable back™ construction delivers absolute comfort when carrying heavy loads. The back length is adjustable using a quick and efficient system allowing 3 different sizes via a Velcro® straps pad located at the back panel. The molded back panel uses Ariaprene® foam covered with 3D mesh. This Ariaprene® foam construction combines a comfortable, soft contact area and enhanced breathability. It also provides a hypoallergenic, anti-odor and non-toxic innovative and eco-friendly alternative. The back panel is supported by a lightweight, internal aluminum frame, while the suspension system, responsible for bearing the weight and connecting it to the body, features ergonomic foam-padded shoulder straps and hip belt ensuring comfort and stability without restricting mobility. The hip belt has a horizontal articulation allowing pliability that sits it correctly on your hipbones and comfortably wraps around. The minimalistic design breaks the codes with a sleek design that loses the bottom compartment for more ergonomic storage options. The top load opening features an extendable (+15 litre) collar and a Protective Rolling Closure™, such as a dry bag's, that folds down and seals quickly using compression straps. It is protected by a top pocket lid that transforms into a smaller pack that can be used as a shoulder bag, via independent straps. It will keep a camera, travel book or map, lip balm and snacks at the ready for local exploration. The top lid is also where the bonus rain cover is stowed, because you never know when you'll get caught in heavy rains. The Annapurna is all about access and storage options: at the body, a U opening peels open the front of the pack, like a suitcase, giving free access to the content. Front and lateral stretch pockets are ergonomic and space efficient. The ice axe and poles system makes the backpack very adaptable: The Quick Axe™ features quick access straps that fix the axe's head upwards. The system adapts to all shapes of ice axes, ergonomic and straight, and the straps can also function as a gear holder, simply setting up the loops and buckle differently to pack your poles, mat or sleeping bag. A tent will fit at the bottom of the pack, where two loading straps are located. The internal hydration compartment is also very convenient: No slowing down or stopping to reach for a bottle and it will help a better packing. Resistant materials are very important here and the Annapurna is made of rugged textiles. The pack body combines a high quality TPU nylon fabric in a ripstop construction for increased tear strength and a Cordura® nylon, rugged and extremely durable. A water-repellency treatment provides additional protection from dirt, snow and water. Anchor points and areas subject to high mechanical stress are reinforced, securing the load, while the rugged Kodura nylon used as reinforcement on the bottom protects it when being tossed around, pulled and teared. The very dense weave combines thoughness and extreme durability. 




Expandable trekking body with protective Rolling Closure™. Removable 2-buckle floating lid, converts into a separate pack. 

Suitcase-type access zip 

2 side stretch pockets / 1 front stretch pocket 

Quick Axe™ ice-axe and pole holder / Side compression straps / Pack-bottom straps 

Lid with 3 zipped pockets + key ring + daisy chain + rain cover 

Adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps, load adjuster straps, sternum strap, handrest strap. Wraparound hip belt with 1 zipped pocket 


Laser Cut 

N 210 D R/S TPU 

N 570 / 840 D Cordura® 

N 1000 D Kodura 

Foam Ariaprène® Back / 3D Mesh