Thermarest Centari 0F -18C Synthetic makuupussi

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Thermarest Centari 0F -18C Synthetic makuupussi
Thermarest Centari 0F -18C Synthetic makuupussi
Thermarest Centari 0F -18C Synthetic makuupussi
Thermarest Centari 0F -18C Synthetic makuupussi
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New for 2013! The Centari sleeping bag is the ultimate solution for backcountry travelers who want to be prepared for any weather and temperatures as low as 0F (-18C). EraLoft synthetic insulation is light, compressible and provides a high degree of warmth in even the wettest conditions. The unique shape offers both room to turn and roll over comfortably, and thermal efficiency that keeps you warm all night long.

  • Sleep Securely: SynergyLink Connectors bring your sleeping bag and mattress together for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Sleep Warmer: Zoned Insulation puts fill where you need it most, for efficient warmth.
  • Move Freely: Our Efficient Comfort design gives you room to move where you need it, without creating too much space to heat efficiently.
  • All-Weather Warmth: Proprietary eraLoft™ synthetic insulation is light, compressible and performs in wet conditions.

Draft Tubes & Collar, Snag Free Zipper, Stash Pocket, Sculptured Hood, Trapezoidal Footbox, Storage & Stuff Sack

Alpha Centari is a system of three stars seen as one very bright object in the night sky.

  • Sleeping Bag SynergyLink ConnectorsTwo flexible fabric bands keep your bag centered on your mattress and eliminate problems with sliding, twisting and cold spots. SynergyLink™ Connectors fit any mattress up to 25 inches (63 cm) wide.
  • Sleeping Bag Zoned InsulationThe Centari features three-dimensional baffled insulation on the top and sides, and sewn-through baffles on the bottom that partners with your mattress. 85% of loft is placed in the top of the bag, while 15% is placed in the bottom.
  • Sleeping Bag freedom of movementTherm-a-Rest sleeping bags are designed with extra room in the torso to allow your shoulders, elbows and hips to move freely. At the head and foot the fit is closer, keeping you warm while decreasing overall weight.
  • EraLoft™ is a proprietary blend of three synthetic fibers that provides superior warmth, loft and durability. Short, soft fibers trap warmth, long fibers create loft and medium-length fibers provide structure and water resistance.

Made in China



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