Xtorm Magma aurinkolaturi +valo

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Xtorm Magma aurinkolaturi +valo
Xtorm Magma aurinkolaturi +valo
Xtorm Magma aurinkolaturi +valo
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
+18,00 €
49,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
Akullinen aurinkolaturi jossa myös LED-valo ja pöytäjalusta/ripustuskoukku. Voidaan käyttää valaisimena esim teltassa. Laturi lataa kaikki yleisimmät pienlaitteet kuten älypuhelimet, GPS laitteet jne. USB liitäntä takaa yhteensopivuuden useimpien laitteiden kanssa. Laite voidaan ladata auringon lisäksi USB kautta mm. autossa.
The Magma Charger is a ruggedized universal solar charger with a built-in LED reading light and USB port.
The solar charger sports an internal battery of 2000mAh that can either be used to charge your mobile equipment or power the four LED lights.
Charge The Magma has enough power to recharge any smartphone to 100%. You can use your own cable and connect it to the USB port on the side.
Light The 4 LEDs can be used as a flashlight or reading light, depending on how you place the charger. To use as a flashlight, flip the LED-unit to the top and click the button. To use as a reading light, you can flip the Aluminium hook back and flip the LED-unit down to place it on a flat surface. You can also flip the Aluminium hook all the way down and hang the unit from its hook.
Solar By using the Aluminium hook as a stand, you’re able to easily place the solar panel in the optimal position towards the sun so that it can charge during the day. By using the patented SunPower®solar cells we’re making sure that you get the newest technology and charger 100-150% faster than conventional solar.

Lisävarusteena saatavissa autolaturi paneelin akun lataamiseen.
Laturia voi käyttää myös yleisimpien älypuhelimien, GSP laitteiden, tablettien yms lataamiseen

12Volt USB plug to charge your Xtorm power bank or Xtorm solar charger in your car. Equipped with double USB output: 1x 2.1A and 1x 1A.
This car adaptor is also suitable to charge your mobile equipment f.e. smartphone, tablet or gameconsole.
Suitable to charge 2 mobile devices at the same time.
SunPower® Solar Panel
Built-in Flashlight
Multi-functional hook-stand
2000mAh battery, recharges any smartphone to 100%
Solar panel: 280mA/ 5.5V
Battery: 2000mAh Li-polymer
Dimensions: 12x8x1.8cm
Color: Black
Wieght: 146 grams
Input: 5V/ 1A
Output: 5V/ 1A
Output: Female USB
Supplied: USB Charging cable, manual