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Relags Sunchair aurinkotuoli
Toimituskulut alk.
Toimitusaika alk.
1-14 pv
45,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
52,00 €

Nimensä mukaisesti aurinkotuoli. Mukava, kolmiomainen suunnittelu. Ihanteellinen lukemiselle, rentoutukselle, auringonottoon, mietiskelylle tai vain laiskotelulle! Mukana tulee kantokassi.

paino: 3,65kg
mitat 95 x 95 x 82 cm
kantavuus: 100kg

Sunchair' - the name says it all! A comfortable, triangular designed chair - ideal for reading, relaxing, sunbathing, meditating or, just lazing around! Padded headrest, can holders in the armrests and a removeable / adjustable footrest provide all that is needed for relaxing in your leisure time. All this, and its slender pack size, make it an ideal travelling companion in caravan, camper van or just in the garden. With pack sack.