Vaude DREAM makuualusta

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Vaude DREAM makuualusta
Toimituskulut alk.
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1-14 pv
129,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Self-inflating, extra thick camping insulation pad honors its name. With this pad, even a Princess (or a Prince for that matter) will have sweet dreams. Because thanks to 10 cm thick, spaciously proportioned measurements, it offers superb insulation and a truly comfortable sleeping surface

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stretchy, silky soft 50D stretch micro polyester fabric for a comfortable night's sleep - the stretchy outer material and the foam core support the body in an optimal sleeping position - comes with a pack sack for transport and storage - comes with emergency repair kit - horizontal perforations in the foam along the entire length of the pad reduce overall weight and improve air inclusion - with a user-friendly valve that has a 2 point safety closure weight: 2090 g Length: 198,00 cm Width: 66,000 cm Diameter: 8,900 cm Front - : 100% 50D Polyester Stretch Back - : 100% 75D Polyester Filling material - : 100% PU Foam Cored 10,0cm #30187