Easy Camp Wichita 500

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Easy Camp Wichita 500
Easy Camp Wichita 500
Easy Camp Wichita 500
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv
359,95 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

The Wichita 500 features pre-angled joints that optimise headroom up to the walls of the tent. Quick to pitch, large enough to stand in and offering plenty of living space, this tunnel tent will appeal to the larger family who demand comfort and space. Large front access and a side door lead you into the living area that features a full sewn-in groundsheet to keep out drafts and bugs. This attractive tent sleeps five in a single bedroom. When necessary, a zip divider is used to create two compartments for privacy – each can be entered via its own door.

Pakattuna 69x33 cm
Paino 14.4 kg

  • Easy to pitch
  • Large living area
  • Two entrances
  • Large front opening
  • Mains access
  • Clip on system