Vaude Badawi Long 6 hengen teltta

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Vaude Badawi Long 6 hengen teltta
Vaude Badawi Long 6 hengen teltta
Vaude Badawi Long 6 hengen teltta
Vaude Badawi Long 6 hengen teltta
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879,90 €
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Vauden laadukas Badawi teltta kuudelle. Lisävarusteena saatavana auringolta ja vedeltä suojaava katos ja vedeltä ja teräviltä kiviltä suojaava telttamatto.

  • Very large family tent for camping
  • luxurious amount of space
  • 2 separate inner tents
  • excellent ventilation


Extravagant design fused with maximum function. Ideal for all those tired of having to sleep in the back of the tent: the inner tent of the Badawi Long has been turned 90 degrees so that all can sleep lengthwise. The tent features waterproofness with a water column of 3,000 mm and offers an excellent interior room climate. Otherwise the wind stable Badawi Long 6P offers the same comfort level as its smaller brother, the Badawi 4P: large inner area, excellent ventilation with the VAUDE Top-Vent-System and side mesh windows, extra pockets on the tent doors and an extra tent footprint for the vestibule. Color coded poles and pole sleeves simplify the pitch. The outer pole construction lets you pitch the inner and outer tents comfortably in one step.


  • 1 vestibule
  • spacious inner area
  • excellent ventilation through VAUDE Top-Vent system and additional mesh windows
  • 2 inner tents (lengthwise sleeper)
  • includes tent footprint for the vestibule
  • laminated floor resistant against formic acid
  • 12 organizer pockets in the living room


  • Weight: 14500 g 
  • Number of people: 6+ persons 
  • Pack Size: 70 x 35 cm 
  • Tent footprint: 15,6 m² 
  • Inner tent footprint: 8,4 m² 
  • Linkage: AI 7001 14,5/9/8 mm 
  • Total Weight: 14000,00 g 

Flysheet: 100% Polyester; 75 D Polyurethane coated 3.000 mm; Inner tent: 100% Polyester; 68 D; Floor: 100% Polyamide; 70 D Polyurethane laminated 10.000 mm.