Fjord Nansen Tordis II.2, kahden hengen teltta

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Fjord Nansen Tordis II.2, kahden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis II.2, kahden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis II.2, kahden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis II.2, kahden hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen
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Laadukas ja erittäin kevyt teltta kahdelle. Valmiiksi kiinnitetty sisäteltta pitää sisäosan sateellakin pystytettäessä kuivana. Sisäänkäynnit molemmilla puolilla helpottaa telttaan kulkua. Etukuistin alla tilaa varusteille. Nopea kasata ja purkaa. Paino 2,7Kg, Koko pakattuna 45x20cm. Sisäteltan korkeus 105cm. vesipilariarvo 5000mm. Telttakepit dural alumiinia.

Katso teltan mitat ylläolevista kuvista.

The improved version of the well-known TORDIS tent. This is a lightweight, 2-men tent with two vestibules. The external frame applied here allows to pitch the flysheet and the inner tent at the same time, so that the inner tent will remain dry even in the rain.

Main features:

tent with much room, suitable for 2 persons;

designed to be used during mountain hiking, cycling, bivouacs and kayaking - suitable for almost any season of the year;

2 independent entrances - 2 vestibules;

the tent can be safely pitchedin the rain, first pitching flysheet (frame tunnels are located outside the flysheet);

in order to reduce the weight, the inner tent has been reduced - currently the size is 120 x 205 cm (previously the size was 130 x 215 cm);

in addition, up to 2/3 of the inner tentis made of fabric (Poliripstop); the rest is made of mesh (Polyester Mesh);

thanks to DCS technology, it has a lot of space in the inner tent, with this space in the tent, 3-4 persons can be present in the 2-man tent in a sitting position;

inside the inner tent, there are practical pockets and holes to hang for examplea headlamp, clothes-line;

in the tent, materials with enhanced performance in terms of endurance and duralumin frame were used;

all flysheet seams are laminated;

the tent is pitched very smoothly and quickly;

due to the tent construction, just the flysheet can be pitched;

all guy ropes in a new colour; with that colour they may be spotted more easily;

separate covers for the tent, frame and pegs included in the kit.


weight: 2700 g (including pegs 150 g, frame 650 g);

dimension s of the inner tent (L x W x H): 205 x 120 x 105 cm;

dimensions when folded (length x diameter): 45 x 20 cm;

height of the inner tent: 105 cm;

suitable for: 2 men;

two 205 x 65 cm vestibules;;

entrances: 2;

flysheet material: Poliester Ripstop PU (5000 H2O);

inner tent material: PoliRipstop/PoliesterMesch;

footprint: nylon PU;

frame: external;

frame material: duralumin 8,5 mm;

pegs: duralumin.

DCS technology:

Double Comfort Space (DCS) a special tent frame profiling system. With this system, nearly vertical side walls effect was obtained. With this effect in the tent, 3-4 persons can be present in the 2-man tent in a sitting position without the risk of touching the inner tent material with their heads. The measurements we conducted showed that in this tent, the ‘usable’ surface is over 3.5 times higher than in the standard igloo*. The risk of touching the walls of the tent by tall individuals in the sleeping bag is also as low as possible with this system. The tent is equipped with the ventilation system.


Weight [g]: 2700

Weight range [kg]: ultralightweight, up to 2,8

Number of entrances: 2

Number of persons: 2

Footprint material: nylon PU

Type: igloo

Flysheet material: Polyester Ripstop PU

Flysheet water resistance [mm H₂O]: 5000

Inner tent material: PoliRipstop

Footprint water resistance [mm H₂O]: 6000

Inner tent dimensions [cm]: 205 x 120

Height of inner tent [cm]: 105

Pack size [mm]: 45 x 20

Vestibule dimensions [cm]: 205 x 70

Number of vestibules: 2

Footprint in the vestibule: no

Frame: external

Frame material: duralumin [ALU GNA]

Daimeter of frame [mm]: 8,5

Stakes: duralumin [URD ALU]