Fjord Nansen Tordis 2 hengen teltta

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Fjord Nansen Tordis 2 hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis 2 hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis 2 hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen Tordis 2 hengen teltta
Fjord Nansen
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2 hengen teltta, kahdella sisäänkäynnillä. Teltta on hyvää materiaalia ja on todella kevyt.

The newest generation 2 person tent with 2 entrances presenting incredible comfort and very low weight. This model was inspired by observations of Tomek (PTB) of the   Targi Kielce selection The Trodis tent was awarded the selection tip during Targi Sport-Lato in Kielce in technically innovative products category.    
Double Comfort Space
description: double comfort space, standard dome
DSC is a system of special profiling of tent poles, allowing the side walls of the tent to be almost perpendicular. This allows 3-4 persons to stay inside a 2 person tent in a sitting position, without the risk of touching the inner tent material with their heads. Our measurements indicated that the usable space in such a tent is 3.5 times greater than in a standard dome tent*.
This system also minimizes the risk of touching the inner tent walls by tall persons lying in a sleeping bag.
* Veig Pro II tent was used in the test. The usable space was defined as the space where persons of 180 cm height can sit.
Weight: 2,8kg
Inner tent dimensions:215x130x105
Number of persons: 2
Vestibules: 2
Entrances: 2
Flysheet material: Poliester Ripstop PU(5000mmH2O)
Inner tent material: PoliRipstop
Groundsheet material:Nylon PU(6000mmH2O)
Poles: duraluminium 8,5mm
Pins: duraluminiowe

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