Humangear GoCup kokoontaittuva muki 118ml, sininen

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Humangear GoCup kokoontaittuva muki 118ml, sininen
Humangear GoCup kokoontaittuva muki 118ml, sininen
Humangear GoCup kokoontaittuva muki 118ml, sininen
Toimitusaika alk.
1-4 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
11,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Humangear GoCup kokoontaittuva muki on hygieeninen ja se on helppo puhdistaa. Menee nopeasti kokoon ja saa nopeasti mukiksi. Toimii hyvin pillerirasiana ollessa kasassa. Kaikki GoCupit ovat PC-vapaita, ftalaattittomia ja BPA-vapaita.

GoCup is the civilized, collapsing travel cup; watertight, hygienic, easy-to-clean, and super-packable.

Say goodbye to your grandpa's leaky, multi-ring, telescoping travel cup. We started with FDA food-grade silicone to create a one-piece cup that is 100% watertight.

GoCup expands with a quick pull and collapses to an ultra-compact puck all with a simple press. It comes in 4 fl. oz. and 8 fl. oz. sizes and in three cool colors. Lids on both sizes keep things clean during transport and feature handy pill holders.The lids have air vent holes so that any residual fluid dries out and prevents bacterial growth (note: due to the vented lids, the GoCup is not intended to be a leak proof liquids container--check out our GoToobs if you're looking for a great portable liquids container).

The 8 fl. oz. size also features a clever "DoubleDecker" tray that gives you the option of two small chambers (to organize pills, for example) or one large chamber. The DoubleDecker also creates a handy portable pill box you can take on-the-go by itself. Volume markings on the cups help you measure fluids and enjoy fine spirits in moderation.

All GoCups are PC-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free. They're perfect in any toiletry kit, backpack, book-bag, briefcase, purse...most anywhere.