Coleman Durarest Double ilmasänky kahdelle

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Coleman Durarest Double ilmasänky kahdelle
Coleman Durarest Double ilmasänky kahdelle
Coleman Durarest Double ilmasänky kahdelle
Toimituskulut alk.
Toimitusaika alk.
1-14 pv
99,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
Coleman DuraRest Double ilmapatja kahdelle
Matkasängyn saa helposti taitettua ja rullattua pussiin, joka kiinitetty sänkyyn.
Täytettynä 198 x 137 x 22 cm
Paino 2.2 kg
Päällinen PVC 0,18 mm polyesteri 70D x 150D 150T 70D x 150D 150T
max kantavuus 295
The aerobed with new generation material. For higher durability, appreciable lower weight and explicit increased puncture closeness. Thanks to the lamination of the PVC with polyester this bed offers a very comfortable touch and an explicit lower noise level during movements. Furthermore a doublelock valve, base construction and the new carrying bag 'Wrap'N'Roll' are within the scope of delivery. Just fold the bed and roll it into the bag - which is attached to the bed.
The well-known and well proven camp bed - in use in holiday camps, emergency accommodation and first aid camps all over the world. A strong aluminium frame, with cotton or nylon cover. It is quick to erect and comfortable to sleep on. Suitable, too, as a guest bed. For years these beds have been made especially for us. During this time we have reduced neither the quality of the material nor changed our specially developed reinforcement in the cover. Please compare these two points and note, also, that camp beds are difficult to put up for the first time. The cover must be stretched first, so it is advisable to erect it at home once before taking it to camp. Read the instructions in peace! Use an insulated sleeping mat in cold conditions otherwise it will strike cold from beneath. Sleeping comfort will be enhanced too. Continuing the theme: air beds in various versions and designs. Think about it - lying by the jeep and gazing up to the star studded African night - a dream! At least we can provide the bed.
inflated 198 x 137 x 22 cm
40 coils, 2,2 kg
PVC 0,18 mm laminated with polyester 70D x 150D 150T
max. load 295 kg



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