iGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet niskatuki autoteline

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iGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet niskatuki autoteline
iGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet niskatuki autoteline
iGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet niskatuki autoteline
iGRIP Universal iPad/Tablet niskatuki autoteline
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iGrip tablettiteline sopii säädettävyytensä ansiosta lähes kaikille tableteille.
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Täydellinen tuote pitkille autoreissuille

Safe and secure mounting solution for tablets inside the vehicle
• Universal tablet holder – fits most Tablet PCs like Apple iPad and others
• Fits most Tablet PCs with or without CASE (protecting cover) or BUMPER (edge guards)
• Extendable top clamp with integrated tension spring can be freezed with mechanical interlock
• Easily adjustable top and bottom clamp to fit most Tablet PCs and PNDs sized 120 to 220 mm (4,72 inches to 8,66 inches)
• Horizontally adjustable clamp supports to avoid interference with functional elements and buttons
• EASY ONE-HAND OPERATION – simple insertion and removal of any Tablet PC (Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerrry Playbook)
• CRASH SECURE with integrated rubber foam pads to ensure a secure installation, reduced vibration and to protect device

How to use:
• Adjust supports to avoid interference with functional elements
• Insert device, push top clamp upwards and place it on supports
• Feeze top clamp with mechanical interlock

Universal – German Made – Headrest Mount
• Clamp mechanism with setscrew for easy installation onto round headrest rods
• Foldable arm with setscrew for individual adjustment
• 4QuickFIX adapter system – fits all holders with HR 4-hole-adapter. Easy to install – attaches and removes holder from mount within seconds
• Integrated joint mechanism and tightening wheel – allows easy adjustment of viewing angle
• Rotates 360° and adjusts vertically and horizontally (portrait or landscape format) at an inclination angle up to 60°
• Tightening wheel to freeze adjustment of viewing angle

Quick-Fix-Adapter System
• Simple and quick to attach mount to holder
• Press sides and insert prongs. Integrated spring mechanism ensures tight locking of prongs inside holder
• To remove holder from mount press sides and and prongs release


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