Sit & Cool kylmälaukku ja istuin

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Sit & Cool kylmälaukku ja istuin
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Reppu ja kylmälaukku yhdessä. Kestävä metallirakenne. Korkeus 40cm. 18 tölkille tai usemmalle 1,5L/2L pullolle. Säilytystasku muille varusteille.

It is with us you will find your happiness on you this beautiful multifunction folding chair that also serves as cooler bag and even as a backpack! This is the perfect gadget for your trips, whether camping, at the beach or pool. She has a very strong metal structure with a padded seat for maximum comfort, taking up minimal space. The chair has a height of 40 cm. The cooler bag will allow you to keep your cans cool for hours. It has a capacity for 18 cans or more bottles of 1, 5/2 l. In addition, the backpack includes two additional pockets, ideal for keeping your documents, your wallet and even your smartphone or tablets. The multipurpose chair is easy to transport thanks to two padded shoulder straps of the backpack, which allow you to wear it on the back, and the small handful that can hold with one hand.

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