Best Of Lonely Planet Travel Writing

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Best Of Lonely Planet Travel Writing
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ince 1998, Lonely Planet has been publishing our favourite travel stories. The disasters of Lonely Planet Unpacked, the romances of Brief Encounters, the random acts of generosity in Kindness of Strangers, the out-there adventures of Tales from Nowhere - these stories, and many others, explored the reasons why we travel, and what we find when we get there. Now we've selected the best of them. From the first tentative steps of the young backpacker finding her feet in a London hostel, to the beyond-travel commitment of setting up house in Delhi, the 26 stories in this collection cover the globe and reveal a world of travel experiences. Includes original stories by Alana Semuels, Bill Fink, César G Soriano, Chris Colin, Danny Wallace, Emily Perkins, Greg Tuleja, James D. Houston, Jan Morris, Jason Elliot, Joshua Clark, Laura Resau, Karen Lee Boren, Karl Taro Greenfeld, Miles Roddis, Nicholas Crane, Pico Iyer, Rolf Potts, Sarah Levin, Simon Gandolfi, Simon Winchester, Stanley Stewart, Tanya Shaffer, Tim Cahill, Tony Wheeler and William Dalrymple. 'Bringing together the themes we've explored in our travel anthologies over the years gives a sense of the sheer diversity of travel experiences - that "anything could happen" thrill that keeps me hitting the road time and time again.'