Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Musta

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Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Musta
Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Musta
Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Musta
Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Musta
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Ortlieb Duffle RS 140L Musta

Duffle RS on luotu kestämään ankarimmatkin tutkimusretket samalla kun tarjoaa korkea laatuista matkustus mukavuutta.
OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD -palkinnon voittaja (2014)

Mitat: 36 x 98 x 45cm (K/L/S)
Paino: 2.75kg
Tilavuus: 140L

Winner of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2014, the Duffle RS is made to withstand the rigors of the most adventurous of expeditions while at the same time offering a high degree of travel comfort. The bag’s heavy-duty wheel system is connected to the body of the bag in a waterproof manner. The 90 mm wheels and the rigid floor plate made of contoured aluminum offer increased floor clearance – ideal for both airport terminals and rugged outdoor terrain. And given the importance of lightweight luggage, especially when travelling by plane, the bag’s designers opted for an adjustable grip that guarantees plenty of leg clearance and comfortable towing instead of a heavy telescopic towing frame. The foam padding at the base of the bag offers enhanced stability when the bag is fully loaded and the watertight zipper that runs across the whole length of the bag gives you quick access to your gear. The zipper can also be locked using the integrated wire loop and a small cable lock (not included).


ORT K13201

Further features:

- The empty Duffle RS can be rolled and thus saves space when stored
- Padded, removable shoulder straps you can use to carry the bag like a backpack
- Compression strap
- Zippered internal pocket
- Mesh outside pocket (not watertight)
- 2 daisy chains for attaching more gear

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