Ansmann smurffit lasten yövalo, Pappasmurffi

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Ansmann smurffit lasten yövalo, Pappasmurffi
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
24,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Hienosti valaistu hahmo, joka antaa huoneelle mieluisan taustavalon sekä turvallisuuden tunteen lapselle. Kosketustunnistimella toimiva, sammuu automaattisesti (30min). Pattereilla toimiva, joten se kulkee helposti mukana. LED teknologia takaa erittäin alhaisen virrankäytön. Lamppu ei kuumene pitkänkään käytön jälkeen. Lapsiturvallinen tuote (TUV)



The SMURFS™ Smurfette mobile nightlight
Exclusive Smurfette nightlight. The figure is beautifully illuminated, providing a pleasant ambient light in the child's bedroom. 
The discretely illuminated nightlight gives the little ones a sense of security and is also lovely to look at. 
A great help when trying to get to sleep and ideal lighting for the sleeping environment if your child wakens in the night or is to 
be fed during the night.
Simple and portable
The nightlight is simple to operate via the touch sensor.
 Thanks to the battery operation, Smurfette can also go with you when travelling, thus providing a familiar environment.
Switches off automatically
The integrated electronics ensure that the nightlight switches off automatically after 30 minutes 
thus promoting a healthy and deep sleep.
LED lamp technology
The LED technology ensures reliable operation. 
The very low power consumption guarantees long battery life. 
In addition, the lamps do not become hot, even after prolonged use.
Child safety
Your child's safety is ANSMANN's highest priority. 
The products are therefore TÜV-approved in accordance with the latest guidelines for toys. 
This guarantees material safety. The battery compartment is childproof and screwed closed to ensure that small 
children have no access to the batteries.