Lovely Planet Grand Canyon National Park guide

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Lovely Planet Grand Canyon National Park guide
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The Grand Canyon warrants any hyperbolic language it inspires. Its vastness and staggering beauty are amazing, astounding and awesome - and its many-layered splendour isn't mere metaphor.

Lonely Planet's inspirational series of park guides feature in-depth research and advice on the best sights, hikes and camping grounds. Perfect for everyone, from the road-tripping family, to the serious outdoor enthusiast.

  • 2 expert authors, 480 hours of in-park research, 117 miles of trails hiked, 37 breathtaking overlooks
  • Clear, easy-to-use maps
  • Helpful hiking and camping charts
  • Activities feature


Coverage includes: Planning chapters, the South Rim, the North Rim, the Colorado River, Understand and Survive chapters.