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Waeco Tropicool 7L

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Waeco Tropicool 7L
Toimitusaika alk.
2-14 pv
239,00 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %
Kompakti kompressorikylmälaukku
Weight (kg): 2,8, Colour: dark grey/light grey, Dimensions W x H x D: 333 x 278 x 190 mm, Power sources: 12 / 230 volt, : 7, : 25, : -, : 36, : 40, : 333 x 278 x 190, : 65, Description: TC-07, Energy class: A, Weight: 2.8 kg, Power consumption: 36 watts, Voltage: 12 / 230 V, Volume: 7 litres
The Intelligent Energy Saver
The TropiCool Models are fabulous energy savers. As soon as the power is
on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature. Once
this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the power save mode.
TC-14/21/35 provides refrigeration down to 30 ºC below ambient temperature and heating up to + +65 ºC. Individual temperature adjustment via the seven-stage soft-touch panel: from +1 ºC to +15 ºC in cooling mode or from 50 ºC to 65 ºC in heating mode.
These unique coolers are recognised for their exceptional comfort and outstanding cooling performance. Featuring a high-performance Peltier element and powerful heat exchanger, these professional coolboxes achieve a remarkable cooling capacity of up to 30 ºC below the ambient temperature: Available in 12/24 and 230 V DC/AC as standard for versatile use.
Versatility, power and perfect equipment – these are the characteristics of the WAECO TropiCool series. The boxes possess an intelligent energy-saving circuit, the temperatures can be controlled individually and are display via LED. If necessary, hot meals can be left in the care of these easy-to-use devices.



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