Fjord Nansen FN Himil 70+10L, useita värejä

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Fjord Nansen FN Himil 70+10L, useita värejä
Fjord Nansen FN Himil 70+10L, useita värejä
Fjord Nansen FN Himil 70+10L, useita värejä
Fjord Nansen FN Himil 70+10L, useita värejä
Fjord Nansen
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80,00 €
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139,00 €

Monipuolinen ja laaduka vaellusrinkka pidemmille reissuilleReppu sisältää 5 taskua, sekä repussa on irrotettava lantiovyö. Reppua on helppo käyttää, ja muokata omiin mittoihin sopivaksi.

Paino: 2160g
Tilavuus: 70 L

  • adjustable support system BACKBONE PILLOW;
  • made of light and durable materials: DIAMOND NYLON and OXFORD POLIESTER;
  • two compartments which can be joined together;
  • removable flap and a retractable double-stack, which allows you to control the capacity of the backpack;
  • 5 pockets (2 on sides, 2 on flap, 1 ona a waist belt);
  • hook for keys on flap;
  • removable waist and chest belt;
  • easy to remove waist belt;
  • belts finished with mesh, which improves air circulation;
  • rope fastening system;
  • two straps on each side;
  • trekking poles or ice-axe can be strapped;
  • all SBS zippers;
  • DURAFLEX buckles - resistant to extreme temperature changes;
  • professional TXP tapes - easy to move and durable;
  • double-reinforced bottom;
  • additional reinforcements in areas exposed to abrasion;
  • availble in spring black/graphite oraz lagoon/black colors.


capacity: 70 + 10 l;

weight: 2200 g.

Materials and technologies:

BACKBONE PILLOW - support system used in large backpacks. It is based on a two lightweight aluminum strips. Support system is adjustable so it can be precisely adjusted to the height of the user. Moreover, it is complemented by a comfortable hip pad consisting of a comfortable "cushion", which includes the following elements:

moisture-draining mesh;

soft sponge which provides comfort;

EVA foam with different densities, ensuring proper weight transfer to the hips;

additional stiffening merge the hip belt.

DIAMOND NYLON - thin, lightweight but extremely durable material with a diamond pattern;

OXFORD POLIESTER - densely woven, durable fabric used in the most exposed to tear.