Fjord Nansen BODO 40

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Fjord Nansen BODO 40
Fjord Nansen BODO 40
Fjord Nansen BODO 40
Fjord Nansen
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65,00 €
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89,90 €

Keskikokoinen reppu retkeilyyn, pyöräilyyn ja lasketteluun. Tilavuus 40L, mitat 83 x 32 x 24 cm, paino 1240g. Repun rakenne jakaa painoa tasaisesti selälle ja varmistaa tarvittavan ilmanvaihdon. Vetoketjuratkaisun avulla sisältöön on pääsy koko repun pituudelta.

Medium size technical backpack that you will use during the climbing, trip outside the city, as well as cycling or skitours. Innovative solutions make the packaging even more fun, while getting inside the backpack will be even easier. BODO has a convenient support system (as sponge projections; with that sponge, your back will be ventilated and the weight on your back will be very well distributed). The system is additionally reinforced with two strips. It is unique due to zipper that can be used to get inside the backpack all over the entire length of the backpack.

Main features:

it has much room;

quick access to the inside of the backpack;

convenient support system;

the flap can be detached;


it is made of durable and yet lightweight materials that are resistant to tearing;

with the new INSULAR MAPPING SYSTEM support system, it is convenient and comfortable to carry;

chest belt;

waist belt with stretch pocket;

the backpack flap can be totally detached;

strip connecting the back of the backpack under the flap with the front mesh pocket (the pocket suitable for a helmet or a jacket);

pockets: in the flap, there is a zippered pocket with snap hook for keys, front pocket is a mesh pocket, side pockets made of stretch mesh;

2 straps on each side; with these straps, the backpack can be compressed;

sticks can be fixed using strips and rubber with stopper;

with openable front panel, the inside of the backpack is quickly accessible;

straps with buckles are located at the bottom of the backpack;

adapted to the Hydration system (an open pocket inside; outlet for a tube on the side of the backpack)



capacity: 40 l;

dimensions: 83 x 32 x 24 cm;

weight: 1240 g.