Thermarest Neoair Jembe Seat kit

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Thermarest Neoair Jembe Seat kit
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1-14 pv


Turn your NeoAir™ mattress into the ultimate backcountry seat: NeoAir stability allows you to sit comfortably above the ground. This unique seat kit is light enough to pack on any trip and the durable base resists punctures wherever you stop.

  • Stable: NeoAir™ construction creates a raised seat that is comfortable and firm.
  • NeoAir™ Compatible: Fits all NeoAir™ mattress sizes and widths except Small.


20-25 IN
Weight3.7 oz / 105 g
Diameter14 in / 36 cm
Height18 in / 46 cm
Country of OriginMade in China
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