Basil polkupyörän kori Crate S blossom

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Basil polkupyörän kori Crate S blossom
Basil polkupyörän kori Crate S blossom
Basil polkupyörän kori Crate S blossom
Basil polkupyörän kori Crate S blossom
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Toimitusaika alk.
1-4 pv
Toimituskulut alk.
20,90 €
sis. ALV 24,00 %

Voit asentaa korin pysyväksi Crate kiinnityksen kanssa tai tarakka-adapterin kanssa.

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  • Dimensions: 40 cm x 29 cm x 21 cm (External dimension)
  • Volume: 25 l
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Content (Ltr): 25,0
  • System:  Crate mounting set or MIK adapter plate
  • Installation: I.c.w. front carrier or MIK system carrier

The Basil Crate S makes a stylish storage solution for men and women’s bicycles, with a brown finish that complements any frame. This crate is made from durable plastic and is suitable for attachment to the front carrier of bike frames, while the compact dimensions mean it won’t impede your view or steering while riding. Ideal for storing groceries and essential supplies back from the store, this crate is also the perfect companion for recreational bike rides. Thanks to the MIK system you will have the freedom to click the crate on your front carrier or luggage carrier. You simply and quickly click the crate with the MIK adapter plate (sold separately) onto your carrier with MIK-profiles. Would your rather permanently attach the crate? That is as well possible with the Basil Crate mounting set (sold separately). With a generous capacity of 25 litres, you’ll also find plenty of space for laptops, books, lunches and more when you need to cycle to and from the office or classroom. The brown shade adds an instant pop of colour to your bicycle, while the pared-back aesthetics make an ideal complement to both contemporary and classic bike frames. Interested in more eye-catching storage solutions for your bike? Browse a complete range of bicycle bags, crates and boxes from Basil today. We’ve got a stunning selection of essential designs, not to mention a whole host of other accessories you can’t be without.


  • The Basil Crate S is a compact bicycle storage solution suitable for the front carrier of bikes.
  • This bicycle crate can be used for all manner of storage purposes.
  • Removable in combination with the MIK adapter plate (sold separately).
  • Suitable for Basil’s Crate-Mounting system (sold seperately).
  • Total crate storage space comes to 25 litres.