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Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

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Brand: Proviz

Proviz Reflect360 Cycling Mitts


Designed with comfort as the key focus the REFLECT360 cycling mitts have a thick padding in all contact areas to help absorb the bumps of rougher roads. The classic design incorporates a reflective strip to help you be more easily identified when our in the low light or dark. A thin wicking material helps sweat be drawn away from where it's not wanted to...

Price €19.27
In stock

Reference: 82461

Brand: BCB

Buscraft Thermal ranteen lämmittimet, käsineet


Käytettäväksi sellaisenaan tai sisäkäsineinä. Hengittävä materiaali. Yksi koko kaikille.

Price €7.98
Can be ordered, delivery time 2-14 days

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